Random Thoughts – Hierarchies

Women and men are organized into different social hierarchies that don’t usually overlap all that much. Female hierarchies have stronger components of conformism and imitating the behavior of the top, ah, bitch. Male hierarchies are more based on dominance and skill.

One thing that happened with the emancipation of women and the integration of women into the workforce, was that women are now to a much larger degree part of male hierarchies. I believe the complaint that women aren’t taken as seriously even with superior skill is based on women being on average lower status than similarly skilled men. That is simply the result of women not being as good as men at playing the male hierarchy game.

And why would they be? Height and strength are only the most obvious deficiencies that women have on that playing field. And of course the incentives are very different. Men at the top of the hierarchy have access to the best mates. Women at the top of male hierarchies stay childless.

Unfortunately I also suspect that male hierarchies are a lot better at getting things done. For example men are able to work with people they dislike, possibly because failure to cooperate for men had immediate very bad consequences in the evolutionarily typical male endeavors. So it seems unlikely that this problem has an easy solution.

Additionally it seems to be the case that female hierarchies have become more dysfunctional in our day and age than male hierarchies. Imitating the top bitch is all well and good if you are living in a village or a band of hunter-gatherers. If the top bitch is a celebrity of unattainable perfection, not so much.

If your conformism is hijacked by the fashion industry on the one hand and crazy political ideologues on the other, the result is also not very pretty. It always strikes me as ironic that many of the problems of modern women/girls that are blamed on the patriarchy are the direct result of intra female competition with hardly a (hetero) male involved.

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