First year review

I started this blog exactly one year ago and I tried to publish a post a week for at least a year. The year has now concluded and I almost matched my goal. In the final months I couldn’t quite keep up the frequency so we are still a few posts short to match the number of weeks in a year.

The motivation for the blog was to publish investigations and thoughts into HBD. Human Bio-Diversity is an important topic that explains big parts of the geopolitical picture of economic and scientific progress as well social dynamics, crime and education within countries. It is, however, so villified that I couldn’t easily trust existing sources. My own independent investigations and ideas seemed worth publishing.

Given that I analysed a lot of data before I actually started the blog and then also proceeded to put out the most interesting ideas as quickly as possible, it is maybe inevitable that I couldn’t keep up the quality of earlier posts. Analysing original data takes a lot of time, with no interesting result guaranteed. Instead, when time was short I made do with „Random thoughts“.

I would have preferred to stick with data and scientific and mathematical ideas. „Random thoughts“ veered too easily into the political realm and if not seen in the context of pushback against increasingly woke discourse also might give a distorted impression of my persuasions.

Readership has been low, with little effort of mine to drive it up. Feedback has been very complimentary.

I am unsure about the future of the blog. On the one hand I hate quitting. On the other hand I should probably put this effort into one of my many other fields of interest, where I can actually reap some personal and professional benefit. A wise course of action would probably be to relax my publishing schedule. Given that I haven’t inspired much of a dedicated following, this also doesn’t disappoint anybody. However, it is unclear to me at the moment whether publishing once a month is actually easier than once per week. Maybe I’ll just post more ad libitum whenever I have something interesting to discuss.

We’ll see.

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