The mirrored contradictions in leftist and right wing ideology

The left is anti-war, anti-violence, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-nationalism. The anti-racism pillar has led to leftist generally preferring minorities over white people. Especially underprivileged minorities, such as Africans, Hispanics, Muslims, who all have to deal with a considerable amount of prejudice in the general population. Unfortunately for the left, this package of beliefs leads to the central contradiction, that these preferred demographics are generally much more sexist, racist, nationalist and violent than Whites.

The cope is a form of magical thinking: The badness of Whites makes non-Whites do bad things. Systemic racism, which can’t be quantified. Stereotype threat, which ascribes the power to Whites to change other peoples abilities just by having an opinion. Colonialism, which is still the reason for the existence of most of the railroad infrastructure in Africa, has retarded Africas development. Etc.

As I’ve discussed in a previous blogpost this is mirrored by the central contradiction of far-right ideologies: Despite their raison-d’etre being the awesomeness of Whites, the far-right is shifted along all ideological dimensions in the direction of the hated minorities. They complain about „pathological altruism“ and all the other left-wing traits that are exactly what differentiates Whites from almost all other groups.

They try to square the circle with antisemitic conspiracy theories. Whites are awesome, but Jews brainwashed them into population suicide. This again mirrors the left-wing cope: All the unwanted qualities of the preferred group are due to the evil meddling of another group.

The difference is of course, that the left has won the culture war (at least in the west) and can pour their particular blend of bullshit into the minds of all people via education, media and politics. There is also the long-term possibility that once minorities have reached critical mass, the left-wing delusion will seamless transform into the right-wing delusion with Whites being booted out of the coalition and getting handed the role of the Jews.

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