As you well know, there is a dangerous virus on the loose. Asian countries seem to not be particularly affected. Europe is hard hit, especially the UK. The US is pretty much going under. Naturally the question arises how contagious this virus is. Specifically, how easily it jumps from its initial breeding ground, the US, to other vulnerable societies, like western Europe.

I am talking of course about the rapidly spreading wokeism. An ideology at the core of which lies the omnipresence and omnipotence of racism by white people. Wokeism is a merge of a marxist inspired theory of oppression and a postmodern inspired focus on subjective sense making. This is why it is called postmodern marxism by some people, which is smugly criticized as a contradiction in terms – real marxists have a materialist world view that doesn’t gel well with postmodernism.

But the combination of real-world claims with the denial of objective truth is actually quite brilliant and necessary for wokeism, because the woke narrative is so out of whack with reality. „Systemic racism“ either cannot be measured or if measured, can not be causally connected to bad outcomes of „oppressed groups“. Racism seems to have especially bad effects if no white people are around (see Raj Chetty’s work), which is why segregation is considered evil. The over performance of many quite different Asian groups has to systematically be left out for any narratives of systemic racism to make even superficial sense. The health outcomes of Hispanics don’t conform to a narrative of oppression. The black murder rate or average scholastic performance is not even remotely explainable by differences in parental income. Etc ad infinitum.

In the US the ideology seems to be endemic. Higher education and a huge chunk of the media work to spread it widely. We currently observe that wokeism is making massive inroads in lower education as well. Although the last months have seen looting, arson and an exploding murder rate in the wake of large-scale protests that are fueled by wokeism, neither the Democratic party, nor the media nor any large company dares to condemn even these violent excesses much less the underlying narrative that should be deeply insulting to any American.

Some pundits have been hinting at „peak woke“ in the last few years. Their predictions unfortunately fail to gel with burning town halls, autonomous zones and raising pressure to conform ideologically, evident in obligatory „diversity, equity and inclusion-statements“ and anti-racism trainings.

Maybe it’ll all blow over. Maybe corporate anti-racism trainings will be a fad like walking over burning coals for team building. Maybe public pressure against police brutality and racism will actually reduce police brutality and racism, that would certainly be nice.

But maybe we are witnessing the first stages of racist commie takeover. If that is the case, the hope for the rest of the West is to stave off the infection until the US is burning good and proper and even our media can no longer ignore the purges, massive grift, lies, hate and violence.

Of all European countries the UK is most vulnerable for two reasons: Shared history and shared language with the US + additional skeletons in the closet. These make woke talking points easy to transfer. With transatlantic slave trade, colonialism, imperialism, tax induced famines with tens of millions of deaths and an under performing minority of darker skinned people, small wonder statues are already being pulled down.

France historically has had the boon of poor English language abilities, which is very conducive to cultural flourishing and might have slowed the infection. On the other hand, a rapidly growing lower class of Berbers, Arabs and sub-saharan Africans coupled with a history of colonialism means that all the seeds are there for a rapid adoption of woke ideology.

In Germany woke talking points have been pushed by the media for more than a decade. But Germany’s colonial history is short and overshadowed by WW2 and the holocaust, which cannot be as easily integrated into wokeism because the victims were almost all white. Additionally Germany’s under performing non-white populations are mostly Turks and Arabs at this point, which historically have been imperialist and genocidal slave traders. In fact the tries to shoehorn the very US-specific woke ideology onto the completely different structure of the German society are often just embarrassing. And while there is the occasional racism scandal in Germany there is nothing even remotely approaching US cancel culture, where it’s open season on wrong thinkers.

Only time will tell whether the rather severe case of ideological poisoning will infect European countries to a similar degree as the US. But at the moment I am at least cautiously optimistic that we still have some time to observe the progression in the US without having to worry about the same events happening in Europe in very short order.

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