Second year review

This second year of my blogging career I managed to pen 24 posts, which comes close to the fortnightly schedule I vaguely aimed for.

Five of these post alone were on the topic of Covid19. Somehow I managed to not say anything really stupid in any of them. In fact my very initial, March 9th, rough estimate of 75.000 to 300.000 deaths in Germany still looks quite good … unfortunately.

My post on the imminence of synthetic porn also came out just in time. Now there are generative models like DALL-E [1] and on reddit there was an amateur project that was quite advanced.

I actually managed to do some data analyses with “Ashkenazi grit in chess” and the post on demographic change in France and Germany. My “random thoughts” kind of articles have dropped that moniker and just become less data heavy explorations of different interesting topics.

I am still not sure about the future of the blog. At the moment it seems like other more technical interests are making inroads on my time. Not just my time to write and analyse, but also my time to think about topics and to come up with new ideas what to write about. So it seems likely that my publishing frequency will drop again. On the other hand, there is still a steady flow of new ideas to write about, so I hope the drop will not take me too much from one post per two or three weeks.


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