Olympics and PEDs

The Tokyo olympics brought an old idea of mine back to the fore: Ranking countries by PED abuse by comparing the success of women and men. 

Because women profit significantly more from steroids and growth hormone than men, due to their naturally lower levels, countries that systematically abuse PEDs should gain disproportionately in women competitions. 

Just looking at some of these jaws it seems likely to me that HGH abuse is the main reason behind the new flood of records, see my post on HGH

I was always too lazy to do this analysis by myself. Funnily enough, I now found out that the New York Times did compare medals by gender for different countries during Rio 2016. Of course their point is that women having more opportunities leads to women getting more medals. So China is clearly a feminist paradise …

„American men won more medals than American women for much of the history of the Olympics, but that gap began to narrow in the 1980s.“

Surprise, surprise. 

Flojo in all her steroid glory.

Unfortunately they excluded the USSR from the analysis, but the numbers for China and recently Jamaica (where sprinters in their 20ies often wear braces which very likely is a direct result of HGH induced jaw growth) make a pretty good case that the posited correlation does in fact exist and we could use the ration of female vs male performance as PED abuse indicator.

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