2021 blogging review

2021 was my third year of blogging and continued the trend of lower and lower output. Unfortunately the things that did get published were partly also the least consequential in my pipeline, because they required the least work. A lot of things have been happening in my life and other pursuits have eaten what little time was left.

I am also somewhat inhibited by the expectation that automated doxxing will become feasible in the near future. I.e. connecting texts written under different names on different sites via the detection of similarities in writing style and content. It would be ironic if nobody reads my blog until a machine classifies it as hateful or whatnot and puts my real name on it.

I have 25 outlines of possible blogpost in my „drafts and ideas“ folder and now that I think of it there should be some more in an older text file. I’ll try to get some of those in publishable form in the wake of the holidays. And maybe, just maybe, manage to establish a monthly rhythm again.

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