Yehovian witnesses: Game theoretic considerations about the brutal struggle for eternal bliss

Yehovian witnesses famously believe that only 144,000 people will go to heaven to chill with God. There is actually a second rate paradise prepared for the rest of non-shitty people so it’s not as tough a policy as it sounds.

However, imagine you are trying to get into heaven by being very, very virtuous. If you are successful, you will kick some other soul out of heaven who would have gotten your place, had you been a bit more of a slacker. Being so virtuous that you kick number 144.000 out of paradise it not very moral.

Targeted sinning to stay out of heaven is clearly more moral. Reserving paradise for other people seems like a much more selfless action. Because we are dealing with infinities here getting some other person into heaven instead of yourself is probably the most virtuous act possible.

Therefore targeted sinners should go to heaven, because they are clearly more virtuous than those who do not try to stay out of heaven. Which means that really good people have to sin even more heavily to stay out of heaven.

Clearly, in the end heaven will only be for heavy sinners with pure hearts, which does sound like a good idea from God’s perspective.

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